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Disable Input

Instead of adding a tool container to the canvas, then moving my input tool into that - it would be nice if I could just click a box for 'Disable' in the input tool properties.  This would speed up things if I'm trying to test inputs one at a time; or need to disable just one specific output while I test another data stream in my workflow.

7 - Meteor

Being able to disable a portion of a workflow will help in the developement phase.

What I usualy do is to remove the links of the branches I don't want to run.


The issue is to remember to re-cable to workflow after you're done with the other branches.


Being able to disable a branch / link would by click and disable would be great. 


11 - Bolide

Please, please, please alteryx.  If I want to test with a small subset of input data, I have to either change the entire query, or nuke the input and replace it later.  Otherwise it sits there and performs a full fetch which can cause a quick test to take a long time to run.  

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Would the input caching option help with this scenario for you?  During development of a workflow, you can select the Cache Data option and the data from your input tool will be stored in a temporary yxdb for subsequent runs.



7 - Meteor




Input caching does help for performance but is not valid for Text input for example.


The idea is to be able to stop the flow to another tool.

For example adding an option to “disable connection”, would be great.


connector alteryx.jpg


A nice stop sign in the connection would make it easy to see that the connection is disabled



It is possible to limit the number of records that are run in the Workflow Configuration Runtime tab.  That will keep the entire dataset from being run, but it would be nice to be able to turn off an input like you can turn off outputs.

Alteryx input limit.JPG

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Hi All,


Thanks for the feedback- please continue to star this if you'd like to see it.




8 - Asteroid

I added a star to this because I was just thinking I'd like to see something like this as well.  A quick search and I found this thread.  Obviously just deleting the link would do the same thing, but there are oftentimes more than one way to do something in Alteryx, so having a tool that's called "Disable" would be a nice addition.  Thanks.