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Dates within interval date

6 - Meteoroid

Hi everyone,


I want to know if there is a way to test if all the calls (1 to 4) are within the start/end interval date. Please advise

I tried to do it cal by call but that's not efficient and created a lot of formulas.


USER_IDDISCH_NOTIFY_DATEDISCH_START_INTERVALDISCH_END_INTERVALDistance_Dayscall #1call #2call #3call #4Contact_Flag_1Contact_Flag_2Contact_Flag_3Contact_Flag_4
10162/4/2020 0:002/4/2020 0:003/5/2020 0:00302/4/20202/5/20202/7/2020 MEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER REACHED 
10164/30/2020 0:004/30/2020 0:005/30/2020 0:00305/1/20205/1/20205/5/20205/8/2020MEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER NOT REACHED
10164/21/2020 0:004/21/2020 0:005/21/2020 0:00304/22/20204/27/2020  MEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER REACHED  
10163/6/2020 0:003/6/2020 0:004/5/2020 0:00303/6/20203/10/20203/12/20203/17/2020MEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER REACHED
10161/30/2020 0:001/30/2020 0:002/29/2020 0:00301/13/20201/17/20201/20/20201/23/2020MEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER NOT REACHED
10164/3/2020 0:004/3/2020 0:005/3/2020 0:00304/6/20204/9/20204/13/20204/13/2020MEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER NOT REACHEDMEMBER NOT REACHED
12 - Quasar

Hi, @Badrelouizi 


Try this.

Please mark as acceptable solution + like, if it works for you.




The workflow is attached.


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Badrelouizi 


I created a workflow that summarizes whether all the calls were in the window or not. I made an assumption that it is ok to have less than 4 calls and that it is ok for the first and last calls to be on the start/end dates. 



12 - Quasar

Really cool, @Blake !


So, @Badrelouizi  you have, hopefully, all angles covered?


One solution assesses whether each call was in interval.

Other solution assesses whether all calls were in interval.



6 - Meteoroid

Thank you guys. This is very helpful!

12 - Quasar

You're most welcome @Badrelouizi !