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Date Time first and last of month

I'd like to see the DateTimeLastOfMonth and DateTimeFirstOfMonth functions be more flexible then just getting the first or last date of the current month. It would be great if you could point to a date field and have it give the first or last date of that month. i.e  DateTimeLastOfMonth([randomdate]) and if the [randomdate] = December 3rd, 1981, the result would bring back 1981-12-31

12 - Quasar

DateTimeTrim does this


DateTimeTrim(dt,t): Remove unwanted portions of a DateTime and return the modified DateTime


   dt: DateTime data, expressed as a selected column or a specified DateTime value between quotes.

   t: Trim type. Options include:


  • firstofmonth:  trim to the beginning of the month (this does the same as month)
  • lastofmonth: extend to one second before the end of the last day of the month


7 - Meteor

That's worked perfectly! Thank you @ChrisTX 

Status changed to: Implemented

Hi all!


I'm going to update this idea to implemented since as @ChrisTX pointed out this idea is currently available in the product. Thank you again ChrisTX for bring up this feature and thank you both for partaking in the product idea boards!