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Data Profiling in the Browse Tool | Alteryx 11.0 - Possibility to turn profiling off

When working with large amount of data the browse tool profiling causes the program to stop responding.


A feature to disable the profiling per browse tool.

or even better

After a set threshold (e.g. amount of rows), the auto profiling is disabled and requires an action to run.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Agree, whit large data volumes it's maxing out my CPU cores

8 - Asteroid

Why not a Cancel Button? And more options on the browse tool for profiling :

-sample (%, number of rows, time)

-calculate or not



8 - Asteroid

This, plus dataprep's comments would be a great idea. The profiling is great when working with up to several million records, but beyond that ends in a non-responsive Designer (though it comes around eventually). 

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