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Custom filter not working as intended?

8 - Asteroid

Hi All,


I have a very simple business process involving filtering multiple field in order. 1 input data set, filter involving many categories.


Problem is some of the rules involves multiple fields and conditions, the results I'm getting is not as expected.




[LOB] = "FDR"
AND [Job_Category ] !="BUS SUPPORT"
AND [Job_Name] = "Director"


results under True showing "Director" for all of [LOB] not just FDR .


I want to use a formula tool but I'm not sure how it works in relation to filter. Thanks,






5 - Atom

Do you have a sample of the data you are using?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
I agree, to me the logic seems correct, so some screen shots showing the issue or some sample data which show the issue would help us help you!