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Creating draft emails in a folder

7 - Meteor

Hi Alteryx comunity,


Is there a way that we could save emails in a folder like you would do with an excel?


I do not mean the outlook folder, but the typical folder where you can save different files.


Also is there a way to generate an email so that it does not send but come up on screen for someone to check and click send?

Alteryx Partner

Hi @Emanuelis 


There is not a way that I am aware of that would let you create the email in a folder. However that is not saying that I am sure it can't be done. My thought would be that and email is a specific file type and if you are able to create that file type with the right extenstion maybe it's possible? 


I am fairly sure from my own knowledge and others that saving to a drafts folder isn't yet available.


I have submitted the Idea for you so please vote it up if you like.

7 - Meteor



Thanks for your reply.


I am thinking that maybe there is a way to manipulate the HTML's that the render tool outputs?