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Convert String to Date

8 - Asteroid

Hello all,


How do I convert 09222018 to a date? I can't get the string to date function to work because I think I have to have it in yyyy-mm-dd format. I tried different ways and cannot achieve this. I also tried the datetimeparse formula, but keep getting a null value.


DateTimeParse([Timestamp UI],'%mm-%dd-%yyyy')


Thanks in advance.



9 - Comet

The format you provided was incorrect: see Specifiers


I attached a workflow as an example.

8 - Asteroid

This community is awesome!!!!!! Thank you so much!!

7 - Meteor

You may also want to try Datetime tool under the Parse tools. It has similar functionality and is a bit more user friendly if all of your dates are in a clean format like your example.


5 - Atom

Hi all,

Can anyone guide me how to convert the format from 2019-02-26 to a date format like this: ddmmmyy (i.e.,26Feb19)?

I tried to use DateTimeParse "DateTimeParse([Incurred From Date],"%d,%b,%y")", but there's a warning message saying cannot convert "2019-04-22" to a date /time with format "],"%d,%b,%y": Expected separator , ],"%b,%y, got '19-04-22'.


I even tried to use the select tool to change the format to date first, but the result keep showing null.

6 - Meteoroid

1. First use Date time tool from Parse and convert the Date field to a proper Date format

2. Drag formula tool and write the query as DateTimeFormat([Datefield],"%d-%b-%y")

3. Now again drag the formula tool and write the query as (Regex_Replace([Datefield],"[^a-zA-Z0-9]",''))



This method will give as what you requested. Hope it works for you

6 - Meteoroid