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Conversion errors : Fixed Decimal and Precision

6 - Meteoroid



In my input data (xlsx file), I have financial numeric fields so precision is paramount.

So I decided to change to type from V_String to Fixed Decimal. 


I'm having 2 types of conversion errors : 


Error 1: "3.3320348528E8" is not a valid FixedDecimal. FixedDecimal values must be of the form: -nnn.nn


Error 2: "0.07650814271753212" has too many digits after the decimal and was truncated.



The first error, I think it's an excel error. But I dont know how to get around it. 

The second error is probably a parameter error on my part. In the select tool, I put Fixed Decimal (255.15)


Thank you in advance.

16 - Nebula

Try changing from V_String to Double first and then to Fixed Decimal




Alteryx Partner

Hey @AmineB 


Hopefully this helps you. I took an excel file. Created 4 different field types and brought them into Alteryx. This is what you get when you swap to fixed decimal of different precisions. If you go over the actual precision it will end in Null value. 





I noticed on your second one you picked 255.15 as your parameters. Try just doing something like 20.15