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Connectivity to Tibco Spotfire

Hi Alteryx Team,

My work is to create Output from Alteryx and upload the Output file into Tibco Spotfire. So i want a system in which Alteryx output directly goes in to the Tibco Spotfire and update Tibco Spotfire in every 6 hours.
So do you have any plan to connect the Alteryx with Tibco Spotfire? This is will help me to automate the project.
If not pls think on these concept for future use.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Thanks for your suggestion. We currently do not have plans to connect to the Alteryx with Tibco Spotfire but are constantly adding support for new data sources in response to customer demand. Looking forward to hearing from other members in the community on this request.  

6 - Meteoroid


I follow-up this request. Is there any plan to do the integration with Spotfire?



Omid Djoudi

7 - Meteor

It would make it convenient for me as well!

5 - Atom

I would also find this functionality to be a strong addition to Alteryx.

Hello Team,


This would hugely help my company, since mainly of our users are building visualizations on Spotfire. 

Could you provide an ETA on this?





5 - Atom

I am also looking forward to this!
is it possible even currently ? or what are the alternatives!

I have  modelling done in alteryx and wants the output to spotfire.



6 - Meteoroid


Same here.This is really a disadvantage compared to the integration with Tableau.



7 - Meteor

We definitely need this and have hundreds of Spotfire reports we could completed automate the refresh of using Alteryx and this would create many new Alteryx users.

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi All,


Thanks for the feedback- please continue to star if you'd like to see this.




5 - Atom

I would love this too