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Conjoin two strings of text based based on name

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I am needing to conjoin two cells of text and then update my workbook based on the name.


So here's the situation. I have one workbook that has all my data and lists the code. I have another workbook that has the code in one column and the name of the code in another. 


I am needing to combine the code and the name and have it replace the 'Code' column from my original workbook.


In other words. For all the rows in my original workbook that say "ABC", I need to somehow join it based off the proper name. So it would look like "ABC - Code Name 1"


ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus


There's a few ways to accomplish this, but I would recommend using a Join tool to join on Code from each of your excel files, and then use a Formula with the following formula for the "Code" column.



Note that you may need to use a Select tool to adjust the size of this Code column so it is large enough to fit the new value, and that if your Codes are numeric, you may need to change [Code] above to TOSTRING([Code]) to map this back.


Hope this helps!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

A Formula tool can combine the code and name to a single value, then use a Find Replace tool to replace the code values in your other sheet. I've attached an example of how to make this happen.