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Combine multiple columns into one after Join Multiple

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Hello all, 


I've brought in 7 data sets that I need to output as one list. Some of the data (account # and description) matches across all the sets, but some does not (and I will need those as well). The join multiple worked very well, and now my snag is consolidating the account numbers and descriptions into 2 columns. I'm pretty green, but I feel that I have searched for a solution to this a few different ways and I'm not coming up with anything. 


I'd like to only combine the account # and description columns, keeping the account balances separate. I'll then add in a totals column and output this bad boy! 



This is the current workflow bring in and making the data uniformThis is the current workflow bring in and making the data uniformThis is the output from the Join Multiple.This is the output from the Join Multiple.



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

You should be able to do this by setting a Union tool instead of a Join Mulitple and setting it to "manually configure fields" and moving the fields from the various inputs where you want them





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Someone probably knows a quicker way, but I'd use a formula statement.   IE. If IsNull([Account]) THEN [Input_#2_Account] ELSLE [Account] ENDIF.   And then do a second one to use Input_#3_Account if Account is still null.  Example attached.


ETA:  Union is much better from the other suggestions :-)   I'll leave my answer here though just so I can reference how much I'm still learning!

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Alteryx Certified Partner



A JOIN tool is horizontal and a UNION tool is vertical.  If you have 2 records that you want to make into 1 record, then the join is your tool.  It looks however like you have many sources of data that you want to ultimately stack on top of each other into a single format of data (UNION).


If you take your sources of data into a UNION tool and manually configure them as described above, I think that is all that you need to do.





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