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Cannot update passwords in the Input Data or the Output Data tool


Environment Details

After a password update on the database side and after updating the DSN with the new password, those changes do not seem to apply to workflows connected to the same DSN connection. Neither the Input Data or Output Data configuration will take the new password.

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  • Input Data Tool
  • Output Data Tool
  • Policy to update database password


The password was updated on the Database side.


Manually update the password within the connection string in the Input Data tool properties:


  1. Click the Input Data tool within the workflow.
  2. Locate the connection string on the left.
  3. If the username has not changed, the only thing to replace is the "__EncPWD__" section and replace it with the new password.
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Note: At this moment only, the new password will show as plain text, but as soon as the workflow runs, the connection string will be encrypted again with "__EncPWD__".