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Calculating Quartiles using in DB

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Hey People,


I need to calculate quartile distribution on the sales quantity column. I have seen lot of post which describe how this can be done using summarize tool. problem I have is I am using in db tools which does not give flexibility to calculate percentile. I have recently started Alteryx and any help here would be greatlyappreciated. My dataset looks like below


Customer   Quantity

1                   2

2                   1

3                   4

4                   6




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The In-Db tool set includes Summarize and Formula tools. If you don't want to use only In-Db tools, you can use the Data Stream In/Out tools to bring your data from the In-Db tools to use the other "regular" Alteryx tools. A Tile tool would be handy in this case. In the Tile tool, use the "Equal Records" tile method and set the number of tiles to 4 for quartiles. 


Here's a link to the tool mastery series post on the Tile tool:

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks Charlie that helps.