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7 - Meteor


Trying to create a workflow for the Users, like I have one table in SQL server database and the table has 2 columns (FirstName, LastName),

Now, I want to create something that users can just pass the parameters like they can just enter the FirstName and lastname in the Text box tool and it should be insert as new row to that table.


Please advise!

Many thanks..



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @ppatel


Unless there's some detail I'm missing, it should be a pretty straight forward app. Just set up your output tool to where it needs to record to and be sure you set the "Output Options" correctly. Workflow attached.




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @ppatel


I'd go for something simple by updating a text input tool and then appending to your SQL server (I use the select tool to just for the length to 255)



7 - Meteor

Thanks jrgo,

Appropriate for the help, It works well and now I got the basics at least. That was for my sample workflow to pass the parameters from users.


Now in my actual workflow, there are total 3 sql tables (table A,B & C) and it has limited columns, am trying to create something in Drop list tool, that users can select the table from the Drop list tool and they can pass the values by select the table.


And, also trying to deal with NULL values, e.g. on my current workflow if I don't enter any value in any of the column, it inserting as NULL in sql table but I want like if the users not enter any value in the column, it should be blank in sql table. 


I attached screenshot of my current workflow, Do you know how I can set the Drop list tool and run the analytic app.


Thank you again!!

8 - Asteroid

I have a potential solution for the Null values, before you output you could use the data cleansing tool to put a space if it is a text field and a 0 if it is a number field.


I have provided an option that might work in that you bring all data into one text input, have a drop down list  that would feed in to a variable and then filter out to where it needs to go, this should help get you started