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Alteryx version dedicated to Mac OS X?


An Alteryx version for Mac OS X sounded like a nice idea... Although there are options for using bootcamp with windows 7-8

or some virtualisation software as mentioned in a community post here.


Rationale 1 (Competitors do it):

First of all there is no need to neglect a customer segment using Mac's.


  • Rapidminer Studio comes with a dedicated OS X version,
  • Knime has Mac OS X support 
  • Weka has Mac OS X support as well
  • SPSS Modeler is Windows only but SPSS Stats is Mac OS X compatible.


Seems SAS was compatable in the last decade, but they dropped it. Now SAS is not OS X compatible but

still with the "SAS OnDemand" version Mac users can easly get a hands on experience.


Rationale 2:

The Mac Pro Beast has 7.2 TFlops of computing power with the help of dual ATI graphics cards.

It would be awesome to install Alteryx on one... 



Hi @Jesse89 !

Thank you for your feedback! We understand that this idea is a long time coming, however the Alteryx development team is actively listening to all feedback they get and are doing their best to ensure customer satisfaction and the inclusion of features that would benefit our customers most. This idea in particular is a big project for our developers, and is actually being addressed by our web-based Designer that was demonstrated at Inspire 2019. We're excited for this version of Designer to launch, however we appreciate your patience while we complete development on this new version of Designer.

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I'm currently assessing Alteryx, but am finding out that my company's Information Security organization may not be allowing virtual machines on Macs, so that would mean we can't purchase Alteryx.


So I would imagine this is affecting Alteryx's opportunity with teams using Macs and I will very much be looking forward to an a Mac version!

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+1, I recently got approved to switch to a Macbook and this is the one program I can't use natively on there.

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would like to have a version of Mac version  Alteryx 

would alteryx inc have the plan ? 

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hope this year can have the Mac altered version