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Alteryx 2018.3 "unable to load plug-in library"

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi I'm trying to install 2018.3 but hitting this error during the install. Has anyone got insights as to how to fix this?


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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



I have escalated this issue to our Support team. You should be hearing from them shortly. If anyone else is having an issue like this, please contact our Support team. As soon as we have a resolution to this issue, we will post back with a resolution or next steps.


Thank You



Hi @Balders,


This error message may be caused by cached data being corrupted during the installation of Alteryx Designer.


Could you please try the following :


1. If any version is currently installed then, uninstall Alteryx Designer on the machine

2. Look for one of the following folder:

- for admin version: %PROGRAMDATA%\{3D5F2072-D5E9-45AE-AAB0-61A9BCC23F16}

- for non-admin version: %LOCALAPPDATA%\{5BBE09C3-F621-4856-B450-5D132FEAA6C5}

3. Rename folder to "%currrent_name%.old" (ex: {3D5F2072-D5E9-45AE-AAB0-61A9BCC23F16}.old)

4. Run installer again (AlteryxInstallx64_2018.3.4.51585.exe or AlteryxNonAdminInstallx64_2018.3.4.51585.exe)



Kind regards,


Paul Noirel

Sr Customer Support Engineer, Alteryx