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Allow Personal Use of License

I'd like to see Alteryx allow a second install of your license on a second, personal machine.  Tableau allows this and IMO is why there is such a robust online / blog community around that product.


For those of us that work at mid-size to large organizations, there are often strict rules governing internal data and use of cloud-based data sources.  If I discover some new trick I'd like the share with my fellow Alteryx analysts outside of my company, I have no clear way to do that the same way I can with Tableau where I can do it at home not using my company's data.


Being able to learn new features and test things out on commonly available public data (ever notice that Superstore data set everyone who gets Tableau has?) would accelerate what we're able to do with the community site here and the larger analytics blogging community.



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Interesting thoughts, @SeanAdams. A free version (e.g. maybe that only handles small amounts of data) would allow hobbyists to grow their skills.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@SeanAdams -- Thank you for the additional feedback! You mentioned that what you're looking for "is a way that people can learn Alteryx at home (using the full capability) - even if they are not licensed at work."


I am going to recommend that you go ahead and create a new idea for this particular request, so that our Product Management team is aware that what you (and I'm sure a great deal of other users) would find beneficial expands beyond the scope of what is already on the road-map (the ability to leverage a current license at home).


In other words, your suggestion deserves to stand on its own 🙂 Once the new idea exists, we can incorporate a link within this thread and encourage users to vote it up. 



EDIT: Here's a link to the new idea! - A learning version of Alteryx to expand Customer Base

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @LeahK - thank you for the tip - I've submitted the idea, and it's in the process.

Appreciate your guidance on this


7 - Meteor

Glad this one is coming,

Alteryx has replaced  a lot of my  previous favourite *tinker-around-with* applications,

only, tinkertime  is now limited to whatever i can sell within the company.

Being able to learn and mess around at another, time when not having to worry about billabillity would be awesome.

8 - Asteroid

I'd concur with @SeanAdams comment; I work somewhere that has a long-term contract with SPSS Modeler, so I use that during the day and then use Alteryx as a hobby and for personal projects.  I got a six-month license when I did the Udacity Nano-degree, and while I've used it nearly every day and enjoy it much better then SPSS, without a "hobby" license I'll probably have to shift to SPSS.  I wouldn't really be able to justify individually shelling out the same amount that large businesses to keep up with weekly challenges and do certifications.  Anyways, just adding another perspective on how Alteryx could expand to larger markets.  

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Was this delivered in 2018Q1? That would have seemed the logical place to implement given the change in the licencing structure. Any update?

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi all,


Unfortunately - with the new licensing model, it seems like we may have impacted all the new learners in our firm - most folk are now not able to activate the trial version (with the 14 day forced re-certification) at home any more, which now directly impacts our ability to train new people in Alteryx.


this is a fairly material issue for us - we have around 150 people currently going through our data school globally who now cannot practice at home.


Is there any way that we can look into this to see if we can get folk back on track with a trial-license at home for the duration of their learning process?


Hi Sean!


I'd love to catch up with you to understand more about your data school and how you're enabling your users and how we can help.  I'll reach out separately to find some days/times that work.


Thank you!



16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Thank you for your help @AmyH - see you next week!

6 - Meteoroid

I couldn’t agree more! I’m in the Energy industry that’s kind of old (I think you can guess), and historically we have treated our data (even though we historically don’t do anything with it) as our IP. I would love to present on the predictive analytics we are doing, but I can’t give any details! If you attended Shell’s session at #alteryx18, you know what I’m talking about...great use cases, itty bitty detail!