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Adobe Connector and the Spinning wheel of death

8 - Asteroid

Hey All,


Am looking to get stuck into the adobe connector recently downloaded from the gallery.


Having logged in successfully and configured a very basic report, ie pages and visits for today, pressing the done button just takes to me to this menu where it just sorta hangs. Been there for 15 minutes now.


Is this an adobe issue, an authentication thing, or have I just missed something in my eagerness.


Many thanks in advance




adobe hang alteryx.PNG


Hi @Dubya - we have seen some other instances with this issue, and as such our development team is working on a fix. Unfortunately we don't have an ETA as of now, but we once it has been fixed we will be sure to update the post!

Sophia Fraticelli
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.
6 - Meteoroid

I am having the same issue currently and have had the same issue previously with this tool.  Thanks for letting us know that it is being addressed.

5 - Atom

Hi @SophiaF , I am having the same issue now. Have you been able find a solution? It is getting stuck at the selection of segments.

Alteryx Partner


I was wondering if there is any news yet, I am experiencing the same issue now in alteryx version 2019.2. Any updates on this?



5 - Atom

Hi SophiaF, any news about this issue? 




5 - Atom

Any updates on it yet ? I am still facing the issue