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Adding a Percent of Total Column

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I am creating my first workflow to solve a process and I am stuck. For the next part of our process I need to create a percent of total column that would take, in this example, West Virginia's amount divided by the total amount. I do not have another spreadsheet that has this total in every row. Can this be done? 


My next step would be taking a single integer, input from a file, and then multiplying that by the percentage calculated above. I would then get that total by state, and add it to the existing data. 


Any help would be great as this is a core function of what we do and are trying to solve for with Alteryx.



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Alteryx Certified Partner



If your total row is always "Total" you can use a FILTER tool and append that value to all other rows.  Then use a formula tool to calculate the percentage.  If the total wasn't present, you could use a SUMMARIZE tool to calculate it.







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This is exactly what I needed! Thank you!

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Brilliant! Such a clever use of the filter tool. Thanks!