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Adding Comments to Expressions



Is it possible to add a comment to an expression used in a Filter or Formula?


Yes, once you have a valid expression, just use // followed by your comment on the next line.

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Alteryx Certified Partner

/* you can also

add blocks of comments

into the formula */


i use use this technique when I comment out old code in place of new code. 



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That is very useful. Thank you!

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Thanks for posting this.  I will be using this in documenting and testing workflows.

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You don't need to go to the next line.


You thus have 2 ways:

- comment in line with // : anything after this on this line is commented

      you can use it to place in comment a full line or comment at the end of a line


- comment by block with /* your comment */ : anything in between this is commented, whether it's on the same line or not.

     you can use it to comment several lines at a time, or just a portion of a line (in that case, be careful about content in quotes, plus it's not very readable)