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Use the Google BigQuery Input tool to query a table from Google BigQuery and read it into  Designer ...
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Connecting to Google Analytics is becoming more and more popular. There are a few things you need in order to use the Google Analytics macro; a Google Account (e.g., Gmail) and authorized access to an existing Google Analytics account. This article will help you get the rest of the way.
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Want to learn how to connect to Google Sheets?  Start here!
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The following steps detail how to obtain a client ID, client secret, and refresh token that can be used for authentication with Google related tools.   1. Open the Google Developers' Console 2. Login with the Google account associated with the data you would like to analyze 3. Create a new project by clicking the My Project dropdown (top-left corner) and selecting   Create project (top-right corner of the pop up 4. Enter a Project name of your choosing and click Create     5. If you have not already enabled the Google API you will be working with, you can do so by navigating back to the webpage we started on, the Console Dashboard, and clicking Enable API:     For Google Analytics: Other popular APIs >> Analytics API For Google Drive: G Suite APIs >>   Drive API Click Enable: 6. After you've confirmed that your API is enabled you can obtain API credentials by returning to the Console and clicking on Credentials in the left-hand navigation pane next to the key icon 7. Click on the Create Credentials dropdown and select   OAuth client ID:     8. Select the Web application radio button and add   as an Authorized redirect URI before clicking   Create 9.  At this stage, a pop up should appear where you can copy and save your Client ID and Client Secret You can also find your Client ID and Client Secret by returning to the Developer's Console >> Credentials and clicking the name of the app we just created:         10. Go to 11. Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the page and click the checkbox for   Use your own OAuth credentials, enter the client ID and client secret from step 13, and click   close 12. Copy/paste the respective scopes into the Input your own scopes field and click Authorize APIs For Google Analytics For Google Sheets,,, etc 14. Click Allow 15. Click Exchange authorization code for tokens and save the Refresh token 16. Test the authorization by sending a request for an available operation from List possible operations 17. If successful, the client ID, client secret, and refresh token that you obtained in the prior steps can now be used for authentication with the Google related tools
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