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How to correct Designer Event status if it does not update This article explains how to correct Designer event status if it does not update. In the Designer Workflow-Configuration Window, on the Events tab, there is a checkbox option: Enable Events. When selected, any items in the Events window should be enabled and run as configured. However, in Designer 2019.1.4, the status of events is not updated by the checkbox. Events may remain either enabled or disabled regardless of the checkbox setting.        Prerequisites Product - Alteryx Designer, known to occur in Designer version 2019.1.4 only   Procedure This issue is fixed in version 2019.1.6. As a workaround, right click the workflow .yxmd file and select the option to open in Notepad or Notepad ++.         This will open the XML view of the workflow. Find the section for Events by clicking on Ctrl + F and typing Events in the Find window. Set the Enable value to "True" or "False" to enable or disable the event. For example:             Additional Resources Events
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In Alteryx Designer 2019.1, after adding Browse tools to all of the output anchors of a tool using Right-click > Add All Browses OR Ctrl + Shift + B, running the workflow returns an Unhandled Exception error. The workflow runs indefinitely until Designer is canceled from Windows Task Manager.
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