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"Controller Machine name" is not an active controller

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Error: "Controller Machine Name" is not an active controller


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • Scheduler add-on
    • Admin Version

 Error when trying to connect to your Designer's Scheduler

"Controller Machine Name" is not an active controller




Alteryx Service is not running.



Check to see if the AlteryxService is running (Task Manager --> Services --> AlteryxService). If the service is not running:
  1. Start the Alteryx Service. See "Start the Alteryx Service " article.
  2. If this works without the service account then the issue is with the service account.
  3. Fix the issue with the service account and then restart Alteryx Service with the service account

If you have a service account set up on Alteryx Service, It is possible that the password has changed recently and you now have an incorrect password.
Also check that the account is not locked out or disabled on your Active Directory.

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