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What is your favorite Macro?


 The Alteryx Gallery is full of interesting and useful Macros which provide 'out of the box' solutions to a lot of use cases! With well over a 1000 macros available which ones do you find most useful?


Here a few to get you started but feel free to comment on this thread using the format outlined below:


Data Blending 

AJ.pngTool Name: Advanced Join

Use Case: Looking to join based on a condition? This is the tool for you!






Data Parsing
XML Parse.png

Tool Name: XML Parse

Use Case: Parse XML into a hierarchical tree to help visualize node relationships.







Parse Dates.pngBB Date.pngTool Name: Parse Dates & BB Dates

Use Case: Very useful to parse dates which are more custom. Don't forget to look for the new custom date feature in Alteryx 11.0 though!







Output Data

PTS.pngTool Name: Publish to Tableau Server

Use Case: Publish directly to Tableau server and Tableau Online.







Output Model.pngTool Name: Output Model

Use Case: Write to disk either a native R binary file or PMML file an R model object.







WCT.pngTool Name: Web Data connector for Tableau

Use Case: Useful within an Alteryx App to help data relationships between Tableau & Alteryx.








Google Geocoder.pngTool Name: Google Maps Geocoder

Use Case: Use latitude and longitude to pull spatial information from Google Maps into Alteryx.








Model c.pngTool Name: Model Comparison

Use Case: Compares the performance of one or more different predictive models based on the use of a validation (or test) data set. 







Install R.pngTool Name: Install R Packages

Use Case: Want to install your own R packages? This macro will provide an easy interface to allow you to do that.







Predictive Groupings.pngTool Category: Predictive Category

Use Case: A lot of useful predictive tools which are not included in the predictive install.








 Cache Dataset.pngTool Name: Cache Dataset

Use Case: Just blended a large dataset and don't want to wait for it to run again? Download this tool and you can cache wherever you want in the workflow.









Facebook.pngTool Name: Facebook

Use Case: Query data from any Facebook page. Get About, Description, Likes, Contact Email, Posts, Comments and more.







Twitter.pngTool Name: Twitter Tool

Use Case: Search tweets of the last 7 days by given search terms.






GA.pngTool Name: Google Analytics

Use Case: Wanting to track, analyze, and report website data this is the tool for you.







Blog Sites

There are also popular blog sites that Alteryx clients & employees host which are also very informative!



Any macros that are not written by Alteryx products are to be used with caution!


Data blending and publish to tableau server are the useful macros. i will try to use all the macros and i will share my feedback.