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Visually Compare Workflow Versions

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thanks to the brilliance of @RobertB during last year’s Alteryx Innovation Days, we now have a command line tool in beta that generates visual markup in the Designer to compare two workflows. Using the tool is simple:


1. Open the Command Prompt and navigate to the AlteryxGui executable


cd C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin


CMD 1.png


2. Use the below command to launch the Alteryx Designer with a comparison between <Workflow 1> and <Workflow 2>


AlteryxGui.exe /diff <Workflow 1> <Workflow 2> 


CMD 2.png


Please note: All Designer instances must be closed before running the instructions above.


The Designer will then open up with a side-by-side comparison of the two workflows, marked to show the differences between them. Differences like:


  • Tools that don’t appear in the other module get a big red box behind them
  • Tools with changed configurations get a hashed red box
  • Tools that are the same but have something different immediately up or down stream from them get a red arc on the side
  • Connections that are different get drawn in red


Essentially, any changes that affect what the workflow does at runtime should be marked in red one way or another, while cosmetic changes are ignored. This looks like:




Workflow 1

Workflow 1.png

Workflow 2

Workflow 2.png



Workflow 1

Workflow 1 Diff.png

Workflow 2

Workflow 2 Diff.png


Running the command line tool will open up a new instance of Alteryx with your workflows compared visually.Running the command line tool will open up a new instance of Alteryx with your workflows compared visually.


Thanks to @BenBu for his help providing detailed instructions!


thanks to @MattD and @BenBu


I have taken this and made it into a neat Analytic app:


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

This is super useful - especially for central teams that manage an alteryx implementation & server.


cc: @avinashbonu @Deeksha @revathi 

7 - Meteor

A Visual version compare utility  takes   controls and governance to another level, we don't have to  any longer rely on just the underlying excel - but see the changes for real called out on the canvases.We had the opportunity to work   with     @BenBu  on this, and find it extremely useful. We are looking to integrate this into our  standard SDLC  process, will keep the group posted on any other interesting findings on this. 


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

THIS IS BLOODY AWESOME (Thanks @LordNeilLord for pointing me to this).

5 - Atom

Hi, I am using Alteryx version 11.7.4. I tried the above APP but now luck :(. Could someone please share the steps to compare two workflows. 

Getting issue with the workflow...thanks in advance 

8 - Asteroid

Heard about this in Alter Everything - Podcast, very helpful! I am with an internal audit department and this is exactly what is needed for us to rely upon the data transformation the business is performing for regulatory purposes.  

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

@MattD You have made my day. THIS IS PERFECT. I had just resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to develop some sort of obnoxious workflow to parse out XML code, and then I catch wind of this beauty: the simplest, most straightforward solution, already baked into the Gui. Cannot tell you how happy I am that this exists, AND that it ignores annotations/moving tools/cosmetic edits... 






10 - Fireball

where was this hiding all this while and here I was manually looking for changes or asking for detailed documentation of the CR. 


Thanks, @MattD for sharing this. 



6 - Meteoroid

Very helpful