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Visual Query Builder Comes Up Empty For Teradata Database


Environment Details

The Visual Query Builder for a Teradata connection comes up empty.  

For example:

1. The tree view is completely empty.

2. The tree view shows the schemas but no tables or views.


  • Alteryx Designer
    • All 
  • ODBC Drivers
    • Teradata Database ODBC, Simba Teradata ODBC  


1.  ODBC driver version.

2. Lack of rights to access view dbc.TablesVX.



1. Try a different Teradata ODBC driver or driver version than the one you have.  Supported Teradata ODBC drivers can be found in the Alteryx Help documentation.

2. Have at least the SELECT permissions to dbc.TablesVX. It may be necessary to consult a Teradata DBA for further assistance.