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Using the Tool Container


The Tool Container is a tool that allows you to organize your module by placing tools inside of the Tool Container.  Because the Tool Container can be opened and closed without impacting the behavior of the tools they contain, you can effectively minimize sections of your module so as to bring greater clarity to the overall picture.  From a visual perspective, the Tool Container encourages object-oriented design!

Another feature of the Tool Container is the ability to disable/enable an individual Container. 

An example application for this is a module where you need to do some design/testing, but you do not want to write the Output file until everything is working properly.  By placing your Output tools inside of a Tool Container, and then disabling the container, you will be assured that no files will be generated.  Re-enabling the Output tools is a piece of cake; just uncheck the “Disabled” checkbox. This feature allows you to easily control the generation of Output files or the processing of portions of your module.  For users developing complex modules, the Tool Container delivers a powerful time-saving tool for the module design process.


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Is there an option to avoid collapsing the container when disabled?