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Using the Auto Field Tool to Optimize Performance


The Auto Field tool examines your data, and automatically optimizes the field type and length.  Take a look at your data with a Select tool, follow this up with an Auto Field, and follow that up with another Select tool to see what kind of changes you’ve made.  After you run the module, you can examine each Select tool to garner a before-and-after view of the adjustments made to the fields.  You can even take this a step further, and add a few Browse tools to see how your database actually decreases in size, you may be surprised by how much! In the below view, the file size was reduced by about 40% with the Auto Field tool, on just 50,000 records and one field. Now consider running a file of millions of records and the amount of the size decrease becomes really substantial!

Before Auto Field View:

After Auto Field View: