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Use dates to query incoming date from Salesforce


When using the Salesforce Input tool, you can limit the data to a certain timeframe. Alteryx has the ability to use SOQL date queries so that you pull data for a certain time frame instead of pulling ALL of your data and then having to filter out what you are interested in. Pulling all of your data can take some time depending on the size of your table and this is a quick way to get around a potentially slow data pull.


Once you have entered your Salesforce credentials, go ahead and pick your table (1). From the table you have selected choose your fields (2). At least one has to be some kind of field with dates and/or date times recorded. And finally, you can enter in a SOQL query that will execute on your date field (3).


The date query that you enter could be something as simple as a specific date, for example, ‘DateField  = 2016-03-31’ or ‘DateField  > 2016-03-31’. Or you could use some of the SOQL date literal query options. For example ‘DateField  = YESTERDAY’ or ‘DateField  = LAST_QUARTER’



image (1).png



Here is a full listing of your date query options when using SOQL to query on dates in the salesforce input tool - Date Formats and Date Literals. If you need help in getting your salesforce login credentials please see our Obtaining Credentials for the Salesforce Connectors article.


If you run into any issues with the Salesforce input tool, please feel free to reach out to our Client Support team through the Case Portal