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Unhandled Exception Occurred, Now What?


Unhandled Exception Occurred, Now What?

Where do you start when you see "An Unhandled Exception occurred"?  There could be a wide range of causes for this kind of error, so the resolution requires that you collect some more information.


  • Alteryx Designer or Alteryx Server
    • All versions


The error information shown below is vague, so when you see it, you might not immediately know what to do about it. 
An Unhandled Exception occurred.

A previous action may not have completed successfully.

Click OK to send the development team the error log so that we can fix this error in a subsequent release. 

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This error message is a catch-all.  What it means is that you've done something beyond what the programmers expected. 
Be proud of your innovation!

  1. Pay close attention to what you were doing when the error occurred.  Were you modifying a tool's configuration or issuing some sort of command like opening, running, or saving something?
  2. Look for Error Logs that might have been generated for the error.
    1.  If Error Logs have been created, they'll be in %ProgramData%\Alteryx\ErrorLogs.  ProgramData is a hidden directory, so you may need to paste that path into your File Explorer or set it to show Hidden Items:
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    2. If the ErrorLogs directory exists, open it and look for appropriate time stamps, including within subdirectories.
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    3. If there is a log that has an appropriate time stamp, particularly in the AlteryxGui subdirectory, open it in an editor like Notepad or Notepad++, and see what it says beside "Message:".  There are some examples below:
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      idea Skyscrapers
      idea Skyscrapers
      idea Skyscrapers
    4. If there are no relevant logs in the Alteryx\ErrorLogs directory, then you should pull the Windows Event logs.
    5. If you can tell what the problem is, go ahead and fix it.  Even if you cannot interpret the messages in the logs, then at least you can search Community with more information than just "Unhandled Exception."
    6. If you cannot find relevant information in the Community, then please open a case by contacting Customer Support and describe what you were doing when you saw the Unhandled Exception, preferably with a full screen shot that includes context.  Also, provide the error logs you found.

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