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Unhandled Exception After Adding Browses to All Outputs

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In Alteryx Designer 2019.1.4, after adding Browse tools to all of the output anchors of a tool using Right-click > Add All Browses OR Ctrl + Shift + B, running the workflow returns an Unhandled Exception error. The workflow runs indefinitely until Designer is canceled from Windows Task Manager.


The full error is as follows:


An Unhandled Exception occurred.

A previous action may not have completed successfully.

Click OK to send the development team the error log so that we can fix this error in a subsequent release.





The workflow runs indefinitely and cannot be canceled. Closing Designer results in the following dialog:



You will need to exit Designer by ending the process in Windows Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete).




  • Alteryx Designer
    • Version 2019.1.4




Confirm your version of Alteryx Designer by navigating to Help > About. If you are using version 2019.1.4, continue. If you are not, your error was likely caused by a different issue. Please open a ticket with customer support through the case portal.




Add All Browses to a tool by Right-click > Add All Browses OR Ctrl + Shift + B, then run the workflow.




The unhandled exception error is returned after the workflow is run. 




In Designer 2019.1.4, there is a known issue where adding multiple browses to a tool simultaneously causes Designer to crash when the workflow is run. This is because when the Browse tools are added, the configuration is not finalized for each tool. A fix is being developed. In the meantime, please see the following workarounds.




Upgrade to the latest release of Alteryx Designer (2019.1.6).


Workaround A


  1. Add all Browse tools one by one.


Workaround B


  1. After adding Browse tools, save the workflow before running it.


Workaround C


  1. Add All Browses with Right-click > Add All Browses OR Ctrl + Shift + B
  2. Apply the configuration to each Browse tool individually.
    1. Click each added Browse tool to open the Configuration window.
    2. Click Apply (the check-mark in the bottom left corner of the Configuration window)


    3. Repeat for each added Browse tool.



Glad I found this article. At least I got a RAM upgrade while dealing with this bug.


Is there an ETA on when a fix for this issue may be available? 


This bug is fixed in our latest stable release.


Awesome, thanks @JPoz!