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Unable to load the Rcpp package


Unable to load the Rcpp package


When using the Predictive tools, you may get an error stating that the Rcpp package cannot be loaded, or that the namespace load failed.


Unable to load the Rcpp package - Use the R installer provided by Alteryx




  • Product - Alteryx Designer Predictive Tools




User-installed packages may have overwritten Alteryx's default Rcpp package or a mismatch between Designer and Predictive Tools version may have caused the Rcpp version to become out of sync with Designer. Other causes are possible as well.




  1. Make a backup and delete the existing Rcpp package from the folder corresponding to your Designer version (Admin or non-Admin):
    • Non-Admin: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Alteryx\R-{VERSION}\library\Rcpp
    • Admin: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\R-{VERSION}\library\Rcpp
  2. Run the R terminal as Administrator:
    • Non-Admin: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Alteryx\R-{VERSION}\bin\x64\Rterm.exe
    • Admin: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\R-{VERSION}\bin\x64\Rterm.exe
  3. Re-install the Rcpp package with the following command: 
    • install.packages("Rcpp", type="binary")
  4. Restart Designer and test the sample predictive workflows found under Help -> Sample Workflows
  5. If you continue to experience issues, open the R terminal again and run the command below. Provide any error message to Support to further troubleshoot.
    • library(Rcpp)