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Unable to find the dll: "telapi.dll" when using Teradata Bulk Loader in Output Data tool


Environment Details

The following error occurs when using the Teradata Bulk Loader option in the Output Data tool:

Unable to find the dll: "telapi.dll"

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  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2020.1.2 or below.
  • Teradata ODBC Drivers (32-bit or 64-bit)
    • 16.20.28 or below.


The Teradata Parallel Transporter Base feature was not installed.


Install the “Teradata Parallel Transporter Base” feature from the Teradata Tools and Utilities installation wizard for the appropriate Teradata client version. The download is found on the Teradata download site.

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See the Teradata documentation for further details on installing the Teradata Parallel Transporter Base.
7 - Meteor

One comment to that; I had quite a few issues on Win10 & Designer 2019.4 and still have the same issue even after my IT Help Desk cleaned up the registers manually & reinstalled the TPT (16.2); It shows as everything being normal but the error still comes up once the workflow connection is run. I think the problem is with the Teradata installer (TPT Wizard); It's best to keep all the options checked and not to play around with those when installing over existing version..

9 - Comet

this will also error if not installed on an input tool as well.