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Troubleshooting Predictive Tools Installation


Occasionally, users might have issues when it comes to installing the predictive tools on their machines.

The first common error (show below) can occur when first trying to install predictive tools after finishing a 64-bit Alteryx Designer installation.


This error occurs when the predictive installer can’t locate the “Alteryx” folder in the “Program Files” folder since the tools are always installed within this folder.

Now you might be thinking “Well I just installed 64-bit Alteryx and I set it to save in Program Files. How is it not in my Program Files folder?”


So what ends up happening here is that if you are running the Designer Installer as a non-admin Windows will sometimes redirect it and save Alteryx to the “Program Files (x86)” folder. Program Files (x86) is meant for 32-bit applications but even if the Designer is 64-bit it will sometimes still write to this folder. You can confirm this by just watching the installation process and checking where Alteryx is actually being saved.

The second thing that might go wrong is if you successfully installed predictive but you can’t see the predictive tools in the “Configure Tool Palette” window.

This issue goes hand in hand with the previous one. You might have an Alteryx folder in Program Files but the actual Designer is somewhere else in a different directory. Justmake sure that both the predictive tools and the Designer are being installed in the same directory.

To fix these issues or any other issues that may pop up when trying to obtain the predictive tools:

First, uninstall the Designer and the predictive tools.

Second, run your desired installer as an administrator


This makes sure that Windows doesn’t redirect Alteryx and saves in the proper directory.


As you install, you should see it writing to the correct folder.

Now you can go ahead and install the predictive tools as you normally would, making sure that both are installed in the same place or by default in Program Files-> Alteryx