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Troubleshooting AWS S3 Access Denied using S3 Tools


There will be a time that you are accessing an AWS bucket for the first time.   You have been told that you have all the necessary permissions to access the S3 bucket by your AWS administrator, but when you try from the Designer workflow, you get the message shown in the screenshot.


It can be as simple as, no, you do not have permissions, but it can be something not quite as clear cut as having permissions to the bucket.


  • Alteryx Designer
    • All
  • Amazon S3 Upload/Download tool(s)

Things to know

  • The AWS S3 Upload and Download tools are older tools.   They do not have the more modern AWS S3 commands built to call directly to the bucket.
  • The S3 tools require access to the bucket and the root structure of the directory.   The tools use a simple API call to the bucket.   If it is blocked anywhere in the chain of the file structure, then it will not be able to get to the bucket.


Solution A

If you are using the Default endpoint from the dropdown, please select a specific AWS endpoint and try to connect to S3 bucket again.

Solution B

  1. Can a customer upload/download the file from a command line?
    • You want to check and see if the customer initially has access to the bucket.   This can be done using command-line access. 
    • Use the article 'How to Upload Files to AWS S3 Using Command-Line ' for more information on using the command lines   ​​​
      1. Yes – This means they have permission to access the S3 Bucket itself
      2. No – They don’t have permission and need to see their AWS admin
  2. Is this only happening with the Alteryx Tools?
      1. Yes – The tools are working as designed.  The Amazon S3 tools use an older API call that is not the same as using the AWS command line – Use the batch macro provided from https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Designer-Knowledge-Base/Extending-Integration-with-AWS/ta-p...) as a workaround, but the file name needs to be changed each time.   They still need to see their AWS admin get access to the root structure for that folder string
      2. No – They don’t have permission and need to see their AWS admin


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