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Too much connection data for an OCI driver may cause an OCIEnvCreate Error


Too much connection data for an OCI driver may cause an OCIEnvCreate Error


An OCI error may occur when running a workflow from a network location with many OCI inputs: OCIEnvCreate Error: No error handle available to report exact OCI_ERROR.




A Designer workflow with Input Data tools having OCI connections to an Oracle database.


Product - Alteryx Designer
Product - Oracle Instant Client for validated versions see: Supported Data Sources Oracle
download site: Oracle Instant Client downloads




Decrease the total connection data that OCI driver in the Oracle Client has to process for the workflow. If the workflow is accessed from a network drive, try putting the workflow in a folder close to the root of the driver, rather than in a long folder directory, or move the workflow to your workstation instead of a network directory.

If there are many OCI connections in the workflow, see if the same data could be imported with fewer connections.


The OCI driver is recording the network location of the workflow. Also, if the workflow contains multiple OCI inputs, the Oracle Client OCI driver appears to compile all of them together to create the workflow connections. 


Common Issues


A maximum limit of connection data for an OCI driver can be reached

In testing, we found that a maximum limit of connection data could be reached, and then the error would occur. The workflow would run fine with multiple OCI connections if the workflow was located on the workstation. However, when running the same workflow from a network drive, the length of the folder path would determine whether or not it would error out. Similarly, adding or removing more OCI inputs would have the same effect. A limit would be reached, and an error would occur beyond that limit.


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