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There is no option to clear the In-DB connection string history


Environment Details

In the Manage In-DB Connections window, there are no options to clear the connection string history when clicking the Connection String drop-down list.

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  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2018.4 and higher
    • User Settings options
  • Input/Output Data Tool
  • In-DB Tool
    • Connection History


New GUI changes to Alteryx no longer shows clear history option by default.


Switch to classic GUI view for the menu options in the Input and Output Data tool.

1. Go to Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings. 

2. On the new window, check the box "Use classic mode for the Input/Output tool menu options" and then click Save.

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3. On a blank workflow canvas, place an Input Data tool.

4. Click the drop-down arrow to Connect a File or Database > Other Databases > Clear Connection History.

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When using the Connect In-DB tool, the connect string history will be cleared. Feel free to leave the User settings to classic view or switch it back when done.