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Thai characters are not showing up correctly


Environment Details


The Thai characters are showing up as garbled characters in the Browse tool.


Importing Thai data from Oracle Database using Oracle ODBC driver is displaying the Thai characters as garbled characters in Alteryx. This can be addressed by setting a parameter in the driver to unconditionally change the data type to support Unicode.


  • Oracle ODBC Driver


The ODBC driver is unable to read in the Unicode characters. 


Perform the following steps to address this issue:

1. In Windows, open up ODBC Data Source Administrator (64 bit).
2. Look for the DSN that you have created for Oracle database connection.
3. Open the DSN and go to "Workarounds" tab.
4. Check the "Force SQL_WCHAR Support".

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Setting the "Force SQL_WCHAR Support"option enables the Unicode support.

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