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TPM-504: Error with Box connector: "filename.csv is not a valid csv file."



Box Connector fails to read in a csv file with message stating file is not a valid csv file.

[file].csv is not a valid csv file.

Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer, Server
    • Version(s):2021.3+
  • Box Input
    • Version(s): v2.2.0, v2.1.0.
  • Comma-seperated-values (csv) filetypes


The CSV file contains a record that has a comma (or other delimiter character) within quotes and considers the character to be a delimiter, despite it being in quotes.

TPM-504 has been logged to address this issue.


As a workaround, please review the options below.

  • Verify that the CSV file does in fact contain the delimiting character encapsulated in quotes in one or more records/lines by opening the file in Notepad or Notepad++.
    • Using Ctrl+F, perform a search to find any double quotes (") in the document.
  1. Edit/modify the file, removing the delimiting character encapsulated in quotes.
  2. If the csv was generated from another source document, review the procedure/method used to convert the file. In some cases, the file may have originated as a .txt file that had the file extension renamed. If this is the case, import the text file into excel and save it as a csv instead.

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