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TDCB-3611: Postgres Bulk Loader reports as successful when there has been a primary key violation



When running a workflow using the Postgres Bulk Loader with the "Delete & Append" option, the workflow indicates it was complete, but the table is actually left empty without any data.

However, when using a regular output to the table (not using the bulk option), the following error occurs:

[Simba][PostgreSQL] (30) Error occurred while trying to execute a query: [SQLState 23505]
ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "<constraint_name>"

Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2020.3+
  • PostgreSQL
    • AWS RDS Postgres 12.5
  • Simba PostgreSQL ODBC Driver
    • (Bulk Load connection using Delete & Append)
    • 12.02


The output data tool is not propagating the duplicate key violation error from the ODBC driver when using the Bulk Loader but performs the delete command leaving the table in an empty state. This has been issued as defect TDCB-3611.


As a workaround, ensure that all duplicate records are eliminated prior to running the Bulk Update. The Unique Tool can be used to check for and isolate duplicates.

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