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TCPE-17: Error: "Can't find the file" when a folder name starts with a period "."



The Input Data tools throw the error below when a folder name within the root directory of a mapped drive starts with a period "." character. This is frequently seen with Google Drive directories as they start with G:\.shortcut-targets-by-id, but it is not an issue specific to Google Drive. 
Can't find the file: "[path\FileName]". Make sure the file path is correct. 


Additionally, users may experience either of the following issues as well:
  • The Alteryx workflow in one of these directories may not open. 
  • If the Alteryx workflow has a macro saved in one of these directories, the workflow will fail. The following error may also be thrown when attempting to reopen the workflow. 
This workflow references macros (_externals\1\MacroName.yxmc) that are missing or inaccessible. Saving this workflow will permanently disable these tools. 

Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2021.3


Known product defect TCPE-17. 



This product defect TCPE-17 has been resolved in Designer version 2021.4 and later. 

Workaround A

  • Rename the folder to remove the period.

Workaround B

  • Relocate the folder that starts with a period to a sub-directory. Note that this issue only occurs when the folder name within the root directory has the period. 

Workaround C

  • Upgrade to Designer version 2021.4 or newer, or Downgrade to Designer version 2021.2 or older.

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