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TCPE-12: Blank White Screen When Authenticating / Error: "Please Enter Correct Path" or "Invalid Access Token" with Connectors Tools


TCPE-12: Blank White Popup When Authenticating With Azure OR Please Enter Correct Path OR Invalid Access Token


Environment Details


The behaviors vary from tool to tool, but whenever one of these tools is configured to "Sign in via Internet Browser" the authentication fails.  The Box connectors also fail with JSON Web Token (JWT).  In the most common failure mode, a screen will pop up but be blank white screen. 


In other situations, you will see a prompt to "Please enter correct path" or some other red message and the fields won't populate.


If you attempt to run a workflow anyway, you're likely to see an actual error message like the one below.

Error: Box Input (xx): Invalid access token
  • Alteryx Designer or Alteryx Server
    • Version 2021.3.2 
  • Box Input/Output tools
    • Version 2.0.0 or 2.1.0
  • Dataverse Input/Output tools
    • Version 1.0.0
  • Dropbox Input/Output tools
    • Version 1.1.1
  • OneDrive Input/Output tools
    • Version 2.0.0
  • Power BI Output tool
    • Version 3.0.0
  • SharePoint Files Input/Output tools
    • Version 1.0.4 



Known Product Defect related to a change to the Chrome Embedded Framework (CEF) upgrade (for the embedded browser) in Designer 2021.3.2.


  1. The issue has been resolved in version 2021.3.3 of Designer (Admin and Non-Admin) and Server but requires that you use the new revision of the tool as well.*  Please install that version instead of 2021.3.2.  You can find information about the fixes in 2021.3.3 in the Release Notes.  (Generally, changes to Designer are included in Server as well because Server includes the capability of running Designer from the server machine's desktop.)
  2. You will need to download revised versions of the tools themselves.  Install the new tools after upgrading the software. 
*Please note that you also need to update to Designer or later." 

If you cannot wait for the revision, please run Designer or Server version 2021.3.1 with the tool versions listed in the Environment Details section of this document.  If you do not have a copy of that version, you can contact the Fulfillment team for assistance.

Additional Resources

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We are also seeing this behaviour (white screen when attempting to log into Microsoft account) in previous versions such as Alteryx 2020.4, both with the Power BI Output tool and the OneDrive output tool. We are running Alteryx designer on Azure hosted machines running Windows server 2016. Do you know if this is the same issue, and is there are fix forthcoming?


Thank you



Great questions!
No, I don't think this is the same, and no, I don't know anything about what you've described including whether it's a known issue.  I'll check into that.  If I fail to reply here in a couple of days, please open a support case, either by directly emailing or through the Case Portal.  When opening a case, please include a screenshot of Help > About, the tool version (if applicable), a workflow that triggers the issue on your machine, and screenshots that show as much context as possible.

The issue with those tools is a separate but similar one.  The resolution was to release the new tools.  
The Power BI Output tool version 3.0.0 is compatible with 2020.4 Designer and more recent, but workflows built in those versions will not work if published to Server.  In order to be publishable, workflows using that tool version must be built in 2021.3 or more recent (but not 2021.3.2), and therefore the Server version must also be 2021.3(.1) for success.
The OneDrive Tools version 2.0.0 have the same compatibility with 2020.4, but for server, workflows must be built (and run) in 2021.2 or more recent (but not 2021.3.2).  They require OneDrive 365.


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This issue is also occuring on the new Microsoft Dataverse Output Tool. When trying to authenticate the connection, the separate login window goes blank after sign in. 



Thank you, I had forgotten to include that one on the list.

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hello, I am experiencing this issue when trying to sign in to my microsoft company account when using the sharepoint file input tool. I have the latest version of Alteryx 2021.3.3.63061 and the latest Sharepoint file input/output connector v 1.1.0 and i see the white screen after inputting my organization's email. I tried defaulting my browser to internet explorer and microsoft edge with no avail. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 














I recommend you open a case with Support and include at a minimum, a Permalink to your post. (You won't be able to access the Case Portal, I expect, so you should email

That particular combination of tool and Designer version are not supposed to do that.  Odds are that the Support team will want you to install Fiddler and collect a trace of the traffic between your computer and Microsoft.


For reference, the above situation was resolved when the user ran Designer as Administrator.  User was the owner of the SharePoint site.