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Simultaneously Create Multiple Connections | Alteryx 11.7

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PRODUCT: Alteryx Designer or Alteryx Server
LAST UPDATE: 11/14/2017 


Simultaneously Connect Tools

Tired of connecting tools one-by-one? This can definitely become inconvenient when you want to join/union many inputs, or if you want to run a slew of analyses from a single source, as the following example demonstrates:


Simultaneously Connect Tools - 1.PNGSimultaneously Connect Tools - 2.PNG


Have no fear! The days of manually connecting tools one at a time have come to an end. With the release of Alteryx 11.7, you can simultaneously connect to multiple tools. The "View Possible Connections" option is now listed when you right-click on a tool, or it's connectors.


Simultaneously Connect Tools - 3.PNG


After clicking the "View Possible Connections" option, the following screen will appear:

Simultaneously Connect Tools - 4.PNG
















To connect the Text Input Tools to the Join tool, we can select all of the Text Input tools under the Output Connections section and select the Union tool under the Input Connections section:


Simultaneously Connect Tools - 5.PNGSimultaneously Connect Tools - 6.PNG


To connect the Union tool to the Predictive tools, we can select all of the Union tool under the Output Connections section and select the Predictive tools under the Input Connections section:Simultaneously Connect Tools - 8.PNG


Simultaneously Connect Tools - 7.PNG





















And that's it! Be sure to enjoy this new feature in 11.7! The documentation for this feature can be found here: Workflows: Connect tools: Connect multiple tools at once.



Yay!!! One of my old Ideas is coming to life. Thank you Alteryx


So @HossC, When is 11.7 Being released?