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Settings Validation Error when using System Settings in Designer


Environment Details

The error message "Settings Validation Error" appears when clicking System Settings in Alteryx Designer.

  • Alteryx Admin Designer 
Error: "Settings Validation Error" Alteryx Service failed to initialize, likely due to inconsistent RuntimeSettings.xml file: Unable to start Queue service, insufficient license. 

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This is caused by an incorrect setting when installing Alteryx Designer.




Steps to fix the issue:

1. Double-click on the "Alteryx System Settings" icon on the desktop. If you are not able to find it on the desktop, you can click the "Start" button and search for "Alteryx System Settings". 

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Alternatively, you can find it on Designer > Options > Advanced Options > System Settings 

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2. Click Next to get to Setup Type page
3. Under Environment Setup Type, you must select "Designer Only" if only Designer is licensed.
3. Click "Next" till the end and Finish. 

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7 - Meteor

Hey, I was trying to use a user managed mongo db by changing the system setting. While if following the above procedures, that may not lead me to change to use a user-managed mongo db, not quite sure the cause. Do you have any clues?