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Select Tool fields show as missing & data types show unknown when querying from a database


Environment Details

The Select Tool will show the fields as missing in orange text & data types show unknown when querying from a database connection and when the workflow is run at least once. The issue occurs every time the workflow is opened and/or edited.
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  • Alteryx - Designer
    • Version N/A
  • Select Tool
  • MongoDB


Tool settings.


  1. Select the "Disable Auto Configure" option by going to Tools > User Settings > Advanced & then check "Disable Auto Configure". Check this box if you are importing or editing an existing complicated module where tools will need to be configured manually.
    • By checking this box, you may find resources are better allocated and optimized.
  2. Rerun the workflow.

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If you choose to "Disable Auto Configure" that apply to all workflows that you open.  When you want to update the configuration you can do so by pressing F5.