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Scheduling a Workflow on Disk: How to Fix the "Corrupted" Error Message

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This article is an extension to the community article "Scheduling as a copy in the Scheduler DB vs On Disk", and is specifically aimed for Designer + Desktop Automation installations only.




Whenever I schedule a workflow to run on disk, it executes and finishes with status "Corrupted".








A few things to check first:

  • Is the workflow trying to access any remote resources?
  • Is the workflow stored remotely?
  • Is this remote location accessed through a mapped drive?


If you responded yes to at least one of these questions, you should make sure all paths (opening/saving workflows, referencing resources…) are UNC.




If you have mapped network drives but don't know the corresponding UNC, you can run the following command in a command prompt (Start > Run > cmd.exe) to list your mapped drives and their UNC paths:


net use


If the issue persists after changing the paths to UNC, the next thing to check is your service account settings. When a workflow is scheduled on Disk, by default the Alteryx Service uses the local system account (explained here) to do the following:


  • Access the remote location for resources using the Local System Account
  • Read/write the data from/to the remote location.


If the local system account does not have permission to perform either of these processes, the scheduled workflow will fail. 


Solving this issue involves setting a different account under which the Alteryx Service will execute the workflows:


  • In Services > right click on Alteryx Service > Properties



  • On the new window, go to the "Log On" tab and select "This account" to set the account with the appropriate permissions. For more information on “Run As” account permissions please refer to the following Link Set Required Run As User Permissions.




  • Restart the service


This should resolve the Corrupted error message for your scheduled workflow. If it doesn't, please reach out to support through