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Scheduling Workflow Fails if Run from Original Location on Disk Path Starts with a Digit



On Alteryx version 10.1, if you try to schedule a workflow to to run from its original location on disk and the workflow path starts with a digit, for example C:\1testpath\workflow.yxmd, the workflow will fail to run on the Scheduler. When the job fails, you will see the job at the bottom of the Results view within the Scheduler window and the job date is January 01 0001 12:00:00 AM - this indicates a corrupt job. All other combinations work as expected. 


Schedule from Disk.png





This is a known issue that is being addressed. The workaround is to rename the folder so that the path does not start with a digit, for example C:\a1testpath\. Alternatively, you can schedule the job to run a copy of the workflow stored in the scheduler DB.