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Salesforce Connector: Custom SOQL Tool

5 - Atom

If you use the query builder in Alteryx, any field that is a Reference Type will only show the ID to that table.You will need to know the table names it references and create a separateconnection then join the two tables. The obvious work around is to use custom SOQL, but if your not familiar with SQL, let alone SOQL, this may be frustrating.

Below are steps that provide a better "Query Builder" in which you can build then copy the SOQL and use in Alteryx:

1. Go to dataloader.io

2. Log in using your SF credentials

3. Select New Task and Export

4. Select your Object/Table then hit next

You will now see the object you selected along with all the tables it references

5.Select all the fields you want, add filters then copy the SOQL query and paste into SF connector