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Rounding in Alteryx Designer


Be sure to first understand that different people/organizations all have different definitions on what they mean by rounding.  Once you are clear on what you need, you can use Alteryx to round your numbers.


Example 1:

Divided by the place you want to round to, use CEIL to round up, then multiply back by the place:


324 to 400

CEIL([Number] / 100) * 100


Example 2:

Ceiling and floor just go to the nearest integer.  The ROUND(x, multiple) function will allow you to specify the level of precision on which to round, very similar to Excel.  But you can't specify the direction, so in your example, if your did ROUND(3425.123,1000) it would return 3000.


Example 3:  Please see the attached v10.0 workflow which is more dynamic.

The text input identifies the mapping for the conversion joined with length of source input - then an expression is applied in the Formula Tool




 The final output. 




More on rounding.