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Reject Imaginary Limits - Upgrade Alteryx Designer in 10 Steps

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Debating whether or not to upgrade to the latest version of Alteryx Designer? 


Rejecting imaginary limits....


I recently decided I needed to upgrade my living space but I'm a renter and I really don't like moving. I debated having to move all my stuff. I could just stay here, I said to myself. It would be easier. I weighed my options and decided to start the onerous task of hunting for a new apartment. As I hunted, I filled a spiral notebook with copious comparison sketches and notes. Since I didn't really have to move, I set my expectations rather high. One day, after three disappointing showings, I found it -  The One! I felt like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure! My new place is sublime. The location saves me commuting time and the space has so many more options. Hard to believe I almost didn't step out of my comfort zone.


You can upgrade Alteryx Designer in 10 easy steps!


If you are upgrading from 11.8 or newer, you can use your valid license key and download the latest version of Alteryx from the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal.


Step 1. Take a Test Drive! (This step is not required but it's quite fun...)

Take a tour and run a few of your existing workflows. Download the trial here. Just know that if you download the 14-day trial it will install over your existing Alteryx Designer if you have the non-admin version installed already. Ways to get around this are to either download the trial on a separate machine or installing the trial alongside an already installed admin version. Step-by-step instructions. What is admin vs non-admin?


Step 2. Review release notes.

At Alteryx, things are constantly improving. Improving things requires change. You can find out the latest alteryngs for each version of each product in our release notes documentation center. 


Step 3. Review system requirements.

Mostly for those who like tech specs.....Here are instant links to all of our most recent system requirements.

Step 4. Get to know the secure licensing portal. 

Meet the new licensing portal if you haven't already. Here is a short video tour. The licensing portal is the place where all your Alteryx products are kept behind a sign-in screen. It's where you'll find the good stuff.


Step 5. Review your license keys and gather credentials.

After Alteryx 11.7 things got a little, um, wild, here. Raves and all sorts of stuff. Kidding. (Maybe). You can find out all about the new Alteryx license keys by visiting About Alteryx License Keys. Then, take a look at what license keys you have on hand and then contact our friendly Fulfillment office if you have any questions.


You know that license key email you received from your Alteryx account representative that contains your sign in credentials and valid license keys? Yes, that one! Scrounge it up cuz you'll need it! To find out more and even view an example of this very nice email message, visit How to License Alteryx


Step 6. Perform the upgrade.

The ball is already rolling around on the ground. So, while you're at it...


Step 7. Choose an activation path.

You run the show. You get to pick an activation path. Depending on the number of users in your company and how software is distributed you may want to follow the standard online activation path, the offline activation path, or the command line activation path. Visit Activate Alteryx Overview for an overview of all activation paths. 


Step 8. Review the admin checklist.

License admins are extraordinary so Alteryx allots extraordinary permissions to them. Like the ability to administer machines and users in the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal. Even regular folk can view information about their computers. See: License Administrator Checklist.


Step 9. Plan for your next upgrade.

Nothing fancy here. These are your friends - the release notes page and the Alteryx community (hey! you're there now!).


Step 10. Notify your user community.

Send the word out to your Alteryx insiders and let them know about the upgrade. They'll appreciate release notes and Alteryx community for training and getting started.


I'm thinking of getting a mohawk for spring....

7 - Meteor

@TaraC wrote:


I'm thinking of getting a mohawk for spring....

Definitely try out the mohawk.  I hear it's the new office hairstyle of 2019.  Then if you want to be more casual after work, you can shape them up into some liberty spikes.

9 - Comet

excellent post thank you!